Yordan Kostov born 1978 in Kavadarci (composer, improviser, arranger, accordionist, producer, pianist, versatile musician,   art director, band leader )


Macedonian artist who have long ago dispensed with prejudice and have overcome the fear of normal creative communication.He is a versatile composer and accordionist, skilled avant-garde, jazz and world musician. His music is influenced from world music and in the same time chamber by classical middle age masters, and deeply connects with music from Macedonia. Ensemble moderne was one of the projects supported by ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia as a project of national interest.  Future performing like guest in Istanbul music show on the national tv Turk, making music for shadows theatre and performing with them in São Paulo ( Brazil )and Chengdu ( China ) on world festivals for papet and shadows festivals. After performing on many festivals on the Balkan like : fusion ethno fest Belgrade, Spancir fest Varazdin,  cultural center ,,Umblock ,, Thessaloniki (Greece ) Sarajevo jazz festival , (Bosnia ) jazz fest Kavadarci, bosh festival Gevgelija and famous Ohrid summer festival (Macedonia ) , his journey to move Far East starts with invitation from Swiss /Chinese program to initiative culture and art in  Swatch Art  Peace  hotel in Shanghai. he is founder, composer and arranger  of Huangpu divers orchestra (an orchestra with 25 musicians from all nationalities )  ,,Paper killers ensemble ,,Musica kala,,  Macedonian reflex quartet,, Revenge for the Platypus,, ,collaborating and writing music  for JZ big band  is just part of his projects  projects in Shanghai. Founder of orchestra ,,Shinagawa divers,, based in Tokyo. His  music is used for theatre and movies in Asia  Europe and South America.Art director at ,, Mucci ,,   culture center in Shanghai, traveler who is connecting cultures and supporting art.

Graduated on Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje at the department for accordion University  st Cyril and  Metodius Skopje   currently on master’s degree at the Faculty of Music Arts University Goce Delchev –Shtip. In the near future we can expect collaboration and next  projects  with different musicians and artists such as Sainkho Namchylak, James  Kassler, Yanping Wang, Alec Haavi , Andreas Günther, Roman Stolya , Gabrielle Meirano, Maki Hachiya, Antonio Ximenez,  Donald Jackson, Brenda Ohana, Johnny Josef , Neil  Stalnaker,  Feng Hao, Markus Fernandez, Peter Van De  loht,  Nik Aggs, Marko Bosco,  Xinlu Chen,  Matsumoto Kenichi,etc.

His come back home to new name country north Macedonia result with new projects new band, new music . After he record his new music with Avadarxi quartet on
Wednesday 23.1.2019 | Menada | AVADARXI QUARTET (first concert!)
Ninoslav Spirovski [clarinet / tenor saxophone]
Yordan Kostov [accordion]
Damian Gruyo [drums / drums]
Danny Omeragic [contrabass / electronics]
Avadarxi Quartet is a group formed in 2019 as a continuation of the ensemble. Unlike the Avadarxi Ensemble – dedicated to performing compositions from the author’s work by Yordan Kostov, the music of the quartet consists of most of the freely improvised atheism or monothemical music. Stylish music lies in the creative jazz triangle, contemporary classical music and ambient noise. This event will be the first concert presenting of the band, as well as the material for the album that was recorded at the beginning of the year. The attached link can be heard last year’s edition of the Avdarxi Ensemble called “Kavadarci Xi”, released for its own King Gong publishing house and Shanghai trough. At same period he record new album with progressive young musicians Filip Bukrshliev on el guitar and Andrea Mirchevska on double bass , the music will be mixed and produced by Marco Bosco in Brazil.
After week he move again to Japan and
Saturday on January 30 was improv duet with vocal of Ayako Kanda at Permian Tokyo they did an acoustic vibe , and next performance together will be on 24 th May in West Berlin / Germany together with Andreas Günther.
February 3th (Sun) 19:30 【Yordan Kostov +Sato Madaharu + Hachiya zhēn jì】
Yordan Kostov(accordion,piano, comp)
Masaharu Sato (Drums) Maki Hachiya (voice,piano)
From Macedonia, Mr. Yordan reunited, the drums of cashew, masaharu sato’s first performance exciting, and more Yordan and my twin piano??? An unexpected impromptu night. Macedonia + Nippon, strange exotic ♫
(Mr. Masaharu sato comment)
An impromptu live by the hachiya trio trio, who is painting in the ” song ” of the republic of Macedonia, Yordan Kostov the drums of hee-Cashew, masaharu sato and the ” voice ” in the sky fly ” song,” THE LUXURY FORMATION OF 2 Pianos + drums is also unique! Move on south Japan to Kyoto for rehearsal with Japanese traditional opera , solo concerts in Osaka , Nagoya and Fukuoka and finally arriving in Shanghai China making new quartet and record with Fred Granade bass player from Mauritius,Antonio Ximenez trumpet player from Madrid and native Shanghai sitizen Feng Hao.


1991, First price of national competition   for classical accordion – Prilep Macedonia



Shanghai  Lezy Entertainment & sport co ., Ltd                 All discography


-The wu way                                                                                

-Extravaganza fantasy /hitthegrand music /Berlin                                                     

-Shinagawa divers/  Awkward Geisha / UK                                                  

-Paranoya in Shinjuku-Ku                                                       

-People mountain people see                                                                                              

-Prova da Sanfona / São Paolo release /                                                          

-Open Letter to Jhony                                                                     

-Avatarci xi                                                                                       

 -Yordan Kostov and the flying Persians                                                                                                                    

Yordan Kostov ensemble moderne

Salsa’s Journeys

Live at Kurshumli An with chorus Sv.Zlata Meglenska,

Young helpless elephant                                                               

-Starowski ( music base on Macedonian poetry )                      

-Amniotic fluid




Macedonian Jazz compilation 2009, publishing by  SJF ( Skopje jazz festival )

Скок во три осмини, 2009 publishing Chicken Madness

Music for theatre ,ballet  show and movies.                                                                                                                  

99 women an Shanghai theatre  show directed by Genevieve Flaven 

2012 HALL, choreography and directing, Risima Risimkin/Macedonia

– Music for the theater performance All my sons, Arthur Miller, directed by Aleksandra Kardalevska/Macedonia

– Music for the short film Wrinkled Thoughts, directed by Borjan Zarevski/Paris /France

2010 music for the theater performance by Per Gint by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Slobodan Unkovski, Albanian Drama, Skopje, Macedonia

– Music for the theater performance Arab nights by Roland Shimelfingen, directed by Slobodan Unkovski, Turkish drama, Skopje, Macedonia

– Music for the short film Homeless, directed by Borjan Zarevski/Paris /France.

– Music for film Breaking the circle , directed by  Naum Mihajlovski and Verica Nedevska

Concerts and festivals 

 04.10.2018-Composing and performing with Shinagawa divers improvise orchestra                             

03.10.2018 – Performing for celebration of German Unity Day with quartet Comoreby at German consulate in Tokyo.                                                                    

27.09.2018 Jazz trio concert at Nogia club Tokyo.         

23.09.2018 Free impro in Noge underground at Yokohama with Andreas Günther, Markus Fernandez and Ayako Kanda.                                                                     

 18.09.2018 – Performing free impro ,, Paranoya in Shinjuku an new quartet in Tokyo release in Shanghai.                                                                                    

06.09.2018 Jazz concert in Velvet sun Tokyo with Maki Hachiya.                                                                             

04.09.2018 Free impro concert at Suginami -ku Tokyo                                                                                                             

13.05.2018 -Extravaganza fantasy project concert in Duisburg city                                                                                                                  

12.05.2018-composing and perform with  orchestra and chorus in St. Lukas church in Bremen                                                                   

11.05.2018 -Concert in West Berlin  with extravaganza fantasy ,Why you talk,                                                                                                         

10.05.2018 – Shanghai scandals project concert at Prima center Berlin – Macedonian culture center                                                        

05.05.2018 – Berliner come concert at Prima center                                         

09.04.2018 -Live concert recording at Struga Culture Macedonia with Roman Stolyar release in Shanghai ( people mountain people see)                                                       

29.03.2018 -live in Saint Elias borderline session with Dine Doneff cb. release in Shanghai.                                    

19.03.2018 Concert in La kanja with Andreas Günther Skopje/Macedonia                                                                          

17.02.2018 – Yordan Kostov and Shanghai intense in Sarajevo club mesh Feng Hao (CHN) drums ,Andreas Gunter fl/ sax , Dinko Simunovic dB. Yordan Kostov comp. acc.                                                                                   

15.03.2018 Solo concert at Planetarium / Skopje                                

31.01.2018 – Yordan Kostov and Shanghai intense in Prilep Jazz festival                                              

 29.01.2018 – Dfest/ Macedonia Church stage solo performance                                                                              

04.01.2018 – Concert with Avadarxi ensemble at Vinil Skopje /Macedonia

03.10.2017 – Solo concert at Shanghai consulate , German Unity Day                                                                                            

31.08.2017 – composing music and performing with chine’s traditional instruments at Shanghai world music festival.                                                                            

12.08.2017 – Concert with Huangpu Divers orchestra at Yili park organize by hongchao culture centar Shanghai                                                                                      

11.07.2017 – Concert at Hongchao culture centat with Huangpu divers orchestra

16.06.2017 – Concert with  JZ big band Shanghai  performing original music of Y. Kostov.

14.06.2017 – concert at M64 Revenge of the Platypus project.                                                                                                              

05.18.2016 Jazz Touring Japan ,Morioca sity , Aomori sity, Ivate sity

30.05. 2016- Concert  Chiyoda- Nishikanda, Misakicho & Kudankita, Tokyo.

15.05.2016 -concert with Faya orchestra with  Alec Haavic,Andreas Günther ,Fred Granada in  Houseshoose , Shanghai

21.04.2016- concert with  Paper Killer , The Pearl theatre, Shanghai

18.04.2016-concert  with  Paper Killer Devonian House club, Shanghai

28.03.2016 -concert  with Paper Killer, Yin Yang club,  Shanghai

30.01.2016- concert with Dragozel ensamble , Yin Yang club,  Shanghai.

29.01.2018 – concert with Xu Fengxia at Yin Yang club Shanghai

28.01.2016 -Art direction at World Music festival, composition and performing ,,Contemporary Macedonian Music, Utopia club, Shanghai

27.01.2016- World music festival Traditional Macedonian Music, Utopia club ,Shanghai

04.01.2016 performing and composing for Puppet shadows festival ,, Seed,,  Sao Paulo – Brazil

19.12.2015- concert with La petite Bande d’Andreas, Shanghai

18.11.2015-concert at Le Centre du Mondе, Judith Kan (Voice), Jean-Michel Susini (Violin), Yangpin Wang (Iangqin), Jordan Kostov (Accordeon, Composition), Paris – France

12.08.2014 –touring with  Huanpu Divers ensemble  in China

12.08.2013 –  Yordan Kostov quintet World music Shanghai WM.

19.07.2013 – concert at M2 .Trio Moganshan  base on Yordan Kostov music with Roman Stolyar on piano and Shengji Zhuo accordion

28.11.2012 –concert   Fosna Festival , Sarajevo BIH,

20.11.2012 – Istanbul TRT show, concert with Amniotic Fluid, Kavadarci Macedonia

09.04.2012 -Cabare chalgija Starowski  , St. Sofia – Ohrid summer festival,  Macedonia

10.05.2012 tour with  Theatre of shadow  21 UNIMA Congres & World Pupetry Festival, Chengdu /China.

22.09.2012 – solo performance  at Macedonian embassy in Paris

18.10.2012 – solo performance in Ljubljana/ Slovenia

16.08.2011 – concert with ensemble moderne and chorus sv. Zlata Meglenska , conductor Letka Polizova Dimovka ,

26.04.2011- concert in galery  Blackbox , Sarajevo /BIH.

08.03.2010 Concert in  Cultural Center UMBLOCKART, Thessaloniki /Greece

10.04.2010 -Shpancir Fest , Varazdin /Croatia

18.06.2010 -Fusion Ethno Fest, Belgrade /Serbia

15.07.2010-multimedia performance  with Toma Dimovski and Kostas Teodorow  Skopje /Macedonia

17.08.2010-Jazz Festival Kavadarci, Kavadarci /Macedonia

19.08.2010-Бош фестивал, Gevgelia /Macedonia.

16.07.2009 – recorded the second album with ensemble moderne and promotional concert in Mala Stanica / Skopje/ Macedonia                                                                       

10.08.2008 – Performing with shadows theatre on busker fest Shibenik / Croatia

14.08.2008 –Concert  -MKC Skopje /Macedonia.

12.06.2007 – promotional concert in culture centar Tochka in Skopje/Macedonia.

18.07.2006- radio concert in independent radio canal 103 with ensemble moderne.

28.06.2005 – Concert in house of culture in Kavadarci with members of ensemble moderne

28.04.2004- Concert at Bezisten Shtip / Macedonia.

29.08.2003 – recorder his first album Yordan Kostov ensemble moderne


SUPPORT: Mucci Art center, Shanghai

Mucci Art center , Shanghai. Why art ? Because I believe art can make out lives better and leaving artist need support and connection each other.Mucci Art center will feature gallery for exhibitions and concerts of artists from around the world. The culture center Mucci will be welcomed for contemporary works in sections music, film , theatre, painters, photography…